Seize the Day

Ease – Extract of Seize the Day

Seize The Day

Event organiser: Movement for Hope
Choreographer: Adrian Look
Dancers: Maria Ines Sousa, Morena de Leonardis
and Daniel Potter.

Seize the Day was performed at Sadler’s Wells (Lilian Baylis) and the Bloomsburry Theater in 2016,
Seize the Day is a unique patient and public engagement event developed in collaboration with researchers from UCL, commissioned by Movement for Hope and performed by T a n z t h e a t e r Adrian Look.
Seize the Day is a dance performance that explores stories of an unexpected disease diagnosis and how it changes a person’s perspective. The dance shares a journey through diagnosis, challenges, triumphs and hope.


Audience feedback:

The concept of using dance to convey experience and emotions in relation to illness is not new, but it is rarely applied to portrayal of the experiences and feelings of real (living) people with devastating illness. This was something altogether different.
Tanztheater Adrian Look managed to capture the bewilderment, fear and anger at the time of diagnosis but also the degree of acceptance, and finally, a determination to go on living a meaningful life.
And the dancers were fantastic too.
TAL and and Movement for Hope deserve supporting!



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