Art of Movement – German Tanztheater


  • intermediate or (semi-) professional

What should I be able to do for this profile?

  • demonstrate skills in any dance style or physical theatre work    (martial arts, contact jams, parkour, capoeira)

What should I be interested in?

  • dynamics
  • precision
  • flow of movements
  • beauty of movements

What will we work on?

Technical approach: We will be working on the special dynamic and beauty of the „Folkwang/ Pina Bausch“-technique consisting of : contractions, length, dynamics, flowing arms and strong, expressive movements.

Artistic approach: The main focus is on understanding the reason for a movement, training the awareness of body and mind and trying to find the inner approach for an outer beauty.

Where and when will the class take place and how can I pay?

For information on time, location and tickets please visit this page: