Release Awareness


  • Open level

What should I be able to do for this profile?

  • have a high body awareness or strong urge to learn
  • be creative

What should I be interested in?

  • anatomy
  • improvising on various body parts
  • exploring principles of dance

What will we work on?

Technical approach: We will work precisely on moving and feeling body parts. We will feel deep into our anatomy and the logic and impact of our joints, muscles and bones. We will employ the Alexander technique and the Franklin method, as well as free improvisations to certain principles like:

  • room position
  • moving through space

as well as working with opposites like:

  • long- short
  • quick-slow
  • turned out-parallel
  • plié- relevé
  • resistance- freedom

Artistic approach: Know yourself first! We will be working on techniques and exercises to explore our bodies and minds. This profile is not so much about finding the perfect shape for a movement, but more about finding the inner point that will create movements.  Before we start to move naturally, we must find the inner peace and clarity.

Where and when will the class take place and how can I pay?

For information on time, location and tickets please visit this page: