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The Mapping Theory

State, Texture and Gestures

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Performer vs Creator
Friction vs Wisdom

One of the most challenging yet equally rewarding aspects of Tanztheater is that the performer is also the creator of much of the movement material.

The illustration below aims to clarify the differences between both roles.

As a performer a healthy friction and a desire to test the borders of an observed area are crucial to a powerful and authentic performance quality. The unknown or the ’not yet known‘ create an innocence and freshness that is relatable as the search for meaning suggests that performer and audience are in the same boat and share a common desire. 

As a choreographer however it is advisable to stay on the outskirts of the circle as much as possible to maintain a judicious distance and for a well rounded estimation of the bigger picture. 

The performer can and should step outside the circle at times to gain perspective and not to be too consumed by the potentially numbing sensation of an emotionally charged inwards journey.  So should the choreographer step into the circle as well to experience states first hand or to demonstrate.