Ballet – Beginners


  • total beginners

What should I be able to do for this profile?

  • enjoy movement and dance
  • learn with alacrity

What should I be interested in?

  • flow and grace of movements
  • lines

What will we work on?

Technical approach: No precognition needed. We will start with the basics. We will work on theory a bit to understand the body and its anatomy. In addition, we will begin to understand lines, dynamics, grace and focus. We will slowly get the body toned, flexible and long.

Artistic approach: Walking tall means walking proud. We try to find our length and grace through basic ballet positions and the joy of moving in its different dynamics.  Of course, with lots of patience, we will work on a strong, beautiful body by engaging jumps and beautiful arm movements.  No one is born a master.

Where and when will the class take place and how can I pay?

For information on time, location and tickets please visit this page: