Having done many auditions myself, I know, how nerve-racking and desperate auditions can be.

Do you sometimes think , you did really well, but still got kicked out in the first round? Or did you get into the final round, but yet again, did not get the job?

Are you just about to finish your dance education and want to prepare for upcoming auditions?

Or do you have troubles with creative tasks given during the audition?

In my Audition-Simulations I will prepare you for the diverse requirements in auditions and I will help you to stay calm and focused during difficult sequences or uncomfortable tasks.

We will simulate parts of an audition, but with a friendly and supporting environment. I will give you feedback (which you will not get in 99% of the cases at an audition) and we will work on your weak points and encourage your strong points.

If you are interested, please contact me under : 
Please tell me a bit about your audition history or your struggles/interests. Thank you.


My fee for these ’simulations‘ is £ 25/hour (minumum of 2 hour booking) if you provide the space and £ 50/ hour in case I need to hire the studio.