Choreography / Improvisation


  • Open level

What should I be able to do for this profile?

  • be creative in finding movements
  • be a team player

What should I be interested in?

  • creating material
  • playfulness
  • improvising
  • putting movement and ideas into a fixed form through free improvisation or given material

What will we work on?

Technical approach: We will find inspiring movements and work on clarity and dynamics. We will learn specific qualities of other participants. We will have time to work on topics and tasks individually. At the end, we will put everything together and play with the material

Artistic approach: This profile is about free spirits creating something together. We are searching for depth within and a reason behind movements.   We will work on finding the best way to connect all ideas and material to a complete picture. All for one and one for all

Where and when will the class take place and how can I pay?

For information on time, location and tickets please visit this page: