My philosophy

Dance is a language that speaks of honesty and depth, which we must not forget.


One of the hardest things in life is to understand the correlation between the big picture (life) and the millions of little tools and colours that create that big picture (moments). We need to consciously use each moment.  The summary of these moments will shape our lives.

Every day creates your history!

I believe that dance can help us to connect the many small steps, leading to the big picture.  Dance has one major advantage: It combines intellectual knowledge with the power of experiences. One cannot only “think” dance, one actually has to “do it”.  Body, mind and soul become one unit and work together.

In ancient times, the purpose of dance was expression of emotions. Each tribe found its own way and shape of expressing these emotions. They worshipped gods or asked for their favour and it quickly became a sign of identity.

Nowadays our society dictates more or less every single step of our development and dance is no longer an integral part of our western education.  Once we start to dance, it is mostly about technique and somehow lost its original purpose.

But there is one thing that always makes me believe that dance is still a part of our DNA:

Singing and dancing begins quite early in a child’s development.  Even elderly people with dementia move to music and remember lyrics.

Dance is one of the most original and oldest behaviour patterns that the human race knows- and one of the strongest. Dance can heal, enchant, connect and change lives.

This is why I believe that dance is an amazing way to reconnect to our roots and original values, like honest respect, true dedication, and our pursuit of perfection – especially in our highly modern society.

This is what I would like to create in my workshops. Out of small exercises and conscious dance-moments we create the big picture with our body, mind and soul.

Let’s do it!